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Stonewood Asset Management (Pty) Ltd Launches

South African-based Stonewood Capital (Pty) Limited, a specialist family office investment manager, has significantly strengthened its South African presence with the launch of Stonewood Asset Management, a locally-based boutique asset manager that embraces an evidence-based strategic investment approach.

Stonewood Asset Management's inclusion within the Stonewood group will unlock significant local investment opportunities for investors and wealth managers, supported by a tried and tested team of expert and experienced asset managers with an established track record from 1st Fusion Asset Management, which has been rebranded as part of the merger with Stonewood Capital.

Stonewood Asset Management's investment strategy is best described as an evidence-based and strategic approach to portfolio construction, explains Portfolio Manager James Twidale.

“We see immense value in leveraging the latest advances in investment management academia and technologies to inform our asset allocation and portfolio construction, which allows us to access our market exposure via the lowest cost and most efficient channels possible,” elaborates Twidale.

“Our utilisation of smart-beta enables us to more cost effectively construct a similar basket of stocks that closely matches the strategies many traditional active asset managers currently employ, at a fraction of the expense.”

Ultimately, Twidale believes that intelligent, evidence-based asset allocations with long-term horizons create the ideal investment mix and offers investors and wealth managers the best chances of success in achieving their investment objectives.

“Where many asset managers tend to predominantly focus on making opportunistic stock selections and timing the market, we believe that 85-90% of returns over time are attributable to asset allocation,” adds Twidale.

“As an independent boutique asset manager within the Stonewood group, we're also able to exploit emerging opportunities to deliver investment diversification under one roof and unlock returns from various local and offshore investments, while still being able to offer highly individualised portfolio management capabilities to clients.”

The group, which also includes Stonewood Wealth Limited, a specialist offshore asset manager and boutique family office with a presence in Guernsey and London, offers ultra-high-net-worth clients expertise across a range of bespoke offshore investment solutions, with a focus and proven track record in offshore asset management and specific industry expertise and experience in private equity and global real estate.

Twidale believes that Stonewood Asset Management's value proposition will resonate with South African-based investors looking for local and offshore investment solutions as the move to nimble and agile boutique asset managers is already a significant global trend.

“We're confident that astute investors already understand the potential benefits from a more hands-on personalised and entrepreneurial approach to asset and wealth management, which a boutique set-up like Stonewood Asset Management is ideally positioned to deliver,” concludes Twidale.

“We are delighted to have James and his team on board. We are confident that combining James’s local asset management experience and the offshore specialities that exist in the wider Stonewood group, South African wealth managers and high-net-worth clients will have access to a compelling asset management offering,” adds Stonewood Capital CEO, Eldon Beinart.
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